Your Options In Fitness

Our mission at Energy Movement Center is to help people reach their health and fitness goals. By combining alternative styles of workouts to help you reinvigorate, tone up and slim down your body we help you restore health, balance your metabolism and get more out of life. We design exercise and nutritional plans specifically tailored to your goals and abilities so that you may achieve and maintain a strong and healthy body and mind.

Energy Movement Center understands that everyone needs a variety of options when it comes to achieving and maintaining a strong and healthy body and mind.

Fitness Options at EMC

Group Classes – Our boutique atmosphere allows for individual attention whether it’s a traditional cardio and strength building class or a mind body discipline such at Tai Chi or Yoga.

Personal Fitness Training and Personal Yoga Instruction – For those that prefer individual attention, we have instructors available for private coaching and consultation in a one-to-one or customizable group setting. Personal trainers have the education and experience to best assess and make use of current levels of physical conditioning. Personal trainers make a difference.

Personal Fitness Training 

Personal Yoga Instruction

Health and Nutrition Coaching

Class Series –  As part of our mission to meet the interests of the community, we offer a variety of class series for a duration of 4-6weeks. Qi Gong, Meditation, and Gates of Power- a self-actualization course, are some that are offered on a cyclical basis. A class series is great for people who want to try something new.  These classes are not part of our regular class schedule and  open to all for enrollment.

Workshops  – Throughout the year we offer workshops that educate and allow you to approach health and well-being from an alternative perspective – one that is beyond just physically working your body. As a healthy body can lead to a healthy mind, a healthy mind can lead to a healthy body. Meditation, energy healing, nutrition intensives  are but a few of the workshops and seminars we’ve brought to Energy Movement Center.