Cross Training Challenge

The Benefits of Cross Training

Improve Performance, Lose Weight, Gain Strength and Flexibility, Stay Injury Free

Whether you are a triathlete or a super-mom/super-dad, you know the importance of endurance. Most of us have experienced that 2 o’clock lag— that point in our day (maybe not at 2pm!) where we reach for another cup of coffee, or we zone out staring at an entirely entrancing pin or post about someone transforming their old cardboard boxes into a simplistic yet sturdy bed frame. We all get caught up in life’s distractions.  But what is important, is that we don’t let them detract from our progress and growth. When you find not just one, but maybe two or three workouts that you enjoy, you will be more likely to continue with your physical and spiritual regimen.

And let’s not forget about the great potential to balance out your routine by finding classes and workouts that highlight different aspects of physical and mental exercise.