Gates of Power

The following poem was created at the finale of our wonderfully intense Level 3 Workshop last weekend. We explored our deepest feelings, fears, gifts, blocks, energy centers (Chakras), defenses and our expanded selves through a variety of expressive ways. Through dialog, dance, acting, movement and art we got in touch with the essence of what fears hold us down and stops us from being our true self – free, expressive, happy and on our way to finding our Life Path!


The story of the Journey begins in a brightly lit room.

I, a small child was just born.

The warmth of the sun enveloped me.

I miss the safety of my mother’s womb.

Now I have to breathe on my own and learn to take care of myself.

But they won’t let me. They keep putting chains and ropes around me. All I could do was scream and cry but nobody came.

Suddenly a star appeared above – a star of hope and faith.

I am inspired but how do I break these chains?

I want to explore and do and create.

But the chains have become a part of me.

The star has shone a helper a rescuer – soon I will be out of the chains, I know it.

Mother can you hear me? Father will you hold me?

Please love me and guide me on but don’t confine me.

I am on my own now with guides and helpers along the way that help me to see my shining light.

I stand tall and slowly open my heart and my arms to LIFE.

I am ready for my journey. I am happy to go on.

I have my walking stick and my dog and myself and we are one – Walking On.

Under the guiding star I realize its my own chains that bound me and I have broken FREE!


Pam, Emily, Sharon, Darby, & Nomi