Food Focus: Raw and Cooling Salads

Why is it that in the summer we naturally crave more fresh and raw foods? These foods have a cooling effect on the body. The lightness and high water, fiber and vitamin content work together to act as our internal air conditioning during these warm months. At this time of year we also need less dense, high-energy food because we get so much energy from being outside in the fresh air and sunshine.

There is no better season than summer to have fun creating your own fresh, tasty, creative salad combinations. By simply tossing together several of your favorite raw veggies, naked or with a light dressing, you have a perfect meal for a hot summer’s day.

Try your favorite leafy lettuce with various sliced, diced or grated veggies. The possible combinations are endless. Fresh herbs are a wonderful option to mix in, as they are packed full of flavor. Experiment with adding diverse forms of protein to your salads, such as nuts, seeds, beans, tofu, fish or poultry. Pick up a light and healthy dressing at your local health food store, or mix up something easy, like lemon juice, black pepper and olive oil.

This is a great opportunity to try a new vegetable from your market. What are some creative flavors you’ve never tried before? Fennel and mint? Daikon radish and arugula? Summer squash with watercress? Whatever you choose, have fun with your food and stay cool. Happy summer!


Try Something New

Summer is finally in fully force, and the living is easy! Kids are out of school (no more nagging to do homework anyway), schedules are lighter, days are longer.
Throughout the year we live at an intense pace (physical, emotional and mental), and we often get stuck in routine, either for the sake of efficiency or out of fear of unfamiliar territory. The lack of variety in doing the same things over and over stagnates not only our minds, but also our bodies and hearts.

Are you hesitant to break your routine? Fear and excitement have the same physiological expression in our bodies; it is our mind that classifies the feeling as either positive or negative. So the next time you consider a change in routine and your mind says “scary!” see if you can re-frame it as “exciting!”

What is something you have never done before or that you have wanted to do for a long time? Choose your own adventure: organize a kayak trip, take a yoga class , do some exotic traveling or set a goal for a new personal challenge. Or try something simple, like playing flashlight tag with your kids and neighbors or reading in the sunshine. Maybe it’s time to discover a new vegetable dish or to visit a new town, restaurant or beach.

Whatever adventure calls to you, use this summer to make it happen and enjoy yourlife. Increasing new experiences and excitement in your life can decrease your dependence on artificial stimulants like caffeine and sugar, leading to more vibrant health. Watch out for massive improvements in physical well-being, mental acuity and motivation, plus a full portfolio of fun.

The wheels don’t move you…

Not your average spin class.

X-Bike at EMC is a unique, low impact, total body exercise that engages the core while strengthening the low back– offsetting any long days sitting at a desk, on a train or behind a wheel, or standing with locked out joints. Your heart and lungs will  reap the benefits from this cardiovascular workout that actually burns 55% more calories on average than the standard fixed wheel indoor bike. The free-wheel works exactly like a real bike and unlike fixed wheel systems doesn’t depend on momentum to move your legs for you. Did we mention the safety benefit? If your feet slip off the pedals, the free wheel stops the cranks from causing injury to your legs.

Even though elite athletes use this bike in training for their sport, i.e. World Cup Mountain Bikers, Motorsport, Trainers/Athletes, our classes are geared for the average person young and old can participate because you are encouraged to challenge yourself at your own pace. Click here to find out more about the X-Bike