The X-BIKE Difference

Indoor cycling is not all the same. At Energy Movement Center, we X-BIKE. The difference in our bikes is the free wheel and handle bars that allow for side to side movement. These differences and instructor direction allow for full engagement of the upper body and core – simulating the full experience of mountain biking on various terrain.

We encourage everyone, no matter what age or fitness level, to X-BIKE. We have college students as well as clients well into their 70’s – male and female – that ride. Our instructors welcome all and guide clients to set their own challenges and remove the inclination to compete or keep up with their neighbor. We believe that each person has an ‘inner X-BIKER’ ready to emerge with some individualized attention and support.

Each instructor has their focus so each class different – Balance, Strength, Interval, and our Basics geared for beginners. Guided classes are offered most mornings at 9am and a few evenings; members enjoy the privilege of ‘Member Only’ self-guided rides. Our drop in rate is $20 and $15 for students, seniors and military. Three Month Trial membership only $199. Because we have a limited number of bikes we request that you call to reserve a bike in advance.