Do you have a mentor in your life? A teacher or guru? Life coach or counselor? Mentors have special gifts for us. They offer us knowledge and insight; they guide us on our path. We all have a unique path and purpose in life and if we are lucky we recognize that everyone we meet has something to teach us. The special ones, mentors, are meant to guide us through a difficult time in our life or can help show us our true path or purpose.

Did you know you could be someone’s mentor and not even know it? Be open to your impact on someone’s life. When you are conscious of your impact in someone’s life, guide them with love but don’t become attached to the outcome. Often it takes a while for us to understand what someone is opening us up to. Plant the seed and let it grow with love, patience and understanding.

Sometimes we don’t realize how a mentor has impacted our lives until they move on. One of my very special mentors is moving on with his life outside this country. At first I felt this was an end, but now I realize that this is not an end but maybe a new phase of our friendship. The seeds he has planted are still growing and will be well fed with the energy of his spirit in all the lives he has touched here at EMC.

We will miss you, Henry – Godspeed and be well!