The Meat Suit

Starting a yoga practice can be very intimidating and sometimes confusing. Some of us have a very hard time connecting to our bodies and for others it can be very scary. I even went through a time where I really hated my body and didn’t even want to look at it. But through my journey with yoga I discovered wonderful things. With each yoga session I began to feel stronger and each session brought a little more release and peace to my spirit and well being.
Over the next few weeks, we will be offering the following classes to help the novice and the advanced alike to rediscover their bodies and all it has to offer.
My teacher calls our body a meat suit. You see, we aren’t our bodies. We are only consciousness residing in form temporarily. When we learn how to connect to our vessel that we present to others, our true selves can show through then our real power and vitality shines and we become our true purpose. We begin to find our voice.
If you have been reading our weekly emails and have not tried a class, now is the time. Call us, email us, like us on Facebook! Our purpose at Energy Movement Center is to offer small group classes taught by compassionate, knowledgeable and caring instructors that will guide you through your process without judgement.