The wheels don’t move you…

Not your average spin class.

X-Bike at EMC is a unique, low impact, total body exercise that engages the core while strengthening the low back– offsetting any long days sitting at a desk, on a train or behind a wheel, or standing with locked out joints. Your heart and lungs will  reap the benefits from this cardiovascular workout that actually burns 55% more calories on average than the standard fixed wheel indoor bike. The free-wheel works exactly like a real bike and unlike fixed wheel systems doesn’t depend on momentum to move your legs for you. Did we mention the safety benefit? If your feet slip off the pedals, the free wheel stops the cranks from causing injury to your legs.

Even though elite athletes use this bike in training for their sport, i.e. World Cup Mountain Bikers, Motorsport, Trainers/Athletes, our classes are geared for the average person young and old can participate because you are encouraged to challenge yourself at your own pace. Click here to find out more about the X-Bike