Intro to Qi Fit: Begins with a practice of breathing, alignment and movement exercises that prepares for any meditation or tai chi practice. We learn to regulate the breath to not only heat up the body and have an effect on physiology, but to regulate the mind and introduce clarity and tranquility. Through standing postures, we learn correct alignment to both relax the body, at the same time, making it more pliable and acceptable to movement. We also use healing sounds to regulate emotions that get stuck in our bodies and allowing them to move through us.

Through gentle movement protocols, particularly the Golden Chi Ball, the 8 Brocades, and the healing sounds we enable our body’s own resources helps to restore the spine, joints, ligaments, muscles, connective tissues and the functions of our organs. Using TCM techniques including the use of healing sounds, we can ease the internal stress modern society puts on us. This simple practice helps us to enjoy our life with less stress and more ease. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY

Qi Fit: Is a practice of advancing Qigong seasonal protocols that strengthen and support the body, mind and spirit. These ancient “Daoist Yoga” practices help us in mastering movements that help get us ready to practice the foundational movements of tai chi. Some qigong and/or tai chi experience is helpful but not necessary.

ZenWellness Master’s Path is for those interested in teaching Qigong. We will go into a more in-depth Qigong practice and understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). We learn more about the Chinese 5 Element Theory and advanced protocols which lead to a solid foundation for Tai chi practice. We follow a seasonal approach working within the cycles of nature. For example, spring being a time of renewal, we work on the small muscles, tendons, ligaments and sinew. This gets the body ready for summer when our energy is at its highest and we are able to do more strenuous exercise and cardio movements. When was the last time you did hand exercises in a class? When was the last time, your hands moved as freely as you would have liked? On the other hand, in the winter, nature’s energy is low and so is ours. We work on  mediation, bones strength and tai chi foundational movements. This is a 2 year commitment with online classes and lectures. 

Zen Yoga: Combines the breath work and principles of Qigong, at Taoist practice, and Yoga, a Buddhist practice.

For the past 5,000 years, masters have closely guarded their secrets of health, healing and longevity. With the spirit of sharing prevalent today,  now you can learn these age-old practices and realize their long-term benefits. The Zen Yoga®, course is a study of the ancient arts of Qigong and Yoga. This unique combination allows those who have been living an inactive lifestyle to gently develop the ability to participate in the more dynamic eastern yoga techniques. This healing and longevity art helps restore youthfulness, increase vital energy, and relieve harmful stress, maximizing the quality of your life. Join us in a journey of healing and transformation.

Stretch to Strength :   Developed by Darby Melnik, based on the concept of contracting muscles while lengthening them results in affecting a specific muscle or muscle group to effectively and efficiently get into an area of weakness or ‘emptiness’ thereby strengthening the body and correcting imbalances. We understand that certain positions or poses affect specific organs thereby affecting personality. So, by stretching in this way we open up energy pathways that lead us to physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental well being.

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Happy New Year 2018 – The Year of Balance

Winter is time for rebirth of sorts. After cutting away what we no longer need in the fall, we look to winter for a chance to renew ourselves. That’s why we talk about making new year’s resolutions in order to be a better person. But most of us fail when we have not gotten rid of the things that are in our way.


For me, there were a lot of events in my life forcing me to let go of things that were no longer serving me. And while it has taken a while to adjust to the change in energy, I begin to set the intention of manifesting a community of people who are ready to let go of unproductive stress, excessive workouts that really only aggravate the body instead of rejuvenating it and are ready to be happy! And I mean truly happy which implies being grateful for each and every moment (good or not so good), focus on the present, and being content with whatever comes our way. And I am truly grateful for all the events of 2017 even though it made me uncomfortable and angry sometimes. Those events forced me to look inside and see what part I played in my own stress and discomfort.


Moving out of downtown Peekskill where we were located for over 8 years into our new space at Go No Sen Karate center allowed me to let go of extraneous expenses, parking problems, and noise! Thank you Renshi Adam McCauley and your staff for welcoming us so warmly and graciously! We feel so at home here. I look forward to seeing some old and new faces and introducing you all to the people here at Go No Sen Karate.
My hope for this year is to see more of you at our new location. We are enjoying our bigger and better space that has lots of free parking so we can better offer more New and Free Classes and workshops!
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