Gates of Power

Last weekend our first group, from Energy Movement Center, finished Level II and is excited to move to Level III.  They have started in the way you will with the introduction.  From the beginning they saw the potential of growth in this work.  Since then they have experienced many insights, breakthroughs and changes.  In the workshops they have shared joy, expression and support with each other.  Their lives are evolving for the better, as yours will too!

Introduction to Gates of Power®

A Revolutionary Method to Achieve Balance, Fulfillment and Empowerment

December 15th 10 am – 12:30

What makes you happy? What are your goals?

Do you feel blocked?  What are the areas of your life that aren’t working and why?

You will get your questions answered by understanding the Gates of your power.

There are 7 facets that comprise our life.  In order to actualize our potential and empower ourselves we have to unblock and energize them.  Once they are energized we can create the life we envision.  A life that is balanced and fulfilling.

Gates of Power® method provides you with the tools, guidance, and the insights necessary to achieve your goals.  You will unlock, empower and synchronize all seven facets of your being and create a powerful you.

Through discussion, personal sharing and experiential, expressive exercises, you will:

  1. 1.      Define your dreams and goals
  2. 2.      Learn to clear obstacles that might stand in your way
  3. 3.      Understand the 3 aspects of the self
  4. 4.      Learn how to live your life from the highest place of your being.
  5. 5.      Liberate your creativity and expression
  6. 6.      Create a personal practice for growth based on the method

Step into the Path and Begin to Actualize Your Dreams and Visions!

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