We now have two Gates of Power workshop programs running. Level 2 graduated to Level 3 and a new Level 1 is just beginning their journey. Since starting on my journey through the Gates of Power(R) I have learned how to be more present and work from a place of peace and calm. I am learning how to enjoy the process and let go of my fear. This has enabled me to keep moving towards my goals even though at times I have felt scared and tired and ready to give up. When I open up my expanded self to see beyond the fear and limitations of it I have been able to move forward despite them.  Energy Movement Center is a thriving place because I have been able to open up to my true self and show it to all of you.
The seven levels of the Gates of Power® program build upon each other.  Participants need to complete each level before moving to the next one.  Each level includes discussions, interactive processes and experiential exercises from each of the Seven Gates.  Gates of Power® method is comprehensive and all encompassing. For best results, we encourage participants to engage fully in the process.
Are you interested? There is still an opportunity to join Level 1. An Introduction to the Gates of Power is being held this Friday evening in NYC Upper West Side.  Click here for more information and to sign up.

Happy New Year and remember it is time to find the new you!