Over the last couple of months our group has been exploring the Gate of Emotion and Gate of Dialog. Emotions raw and spoken can be very powerful, fearful, liberating, fascinating , scary, exciting, shameful, encouraging,  and destructive if not checked on.  We are learning how the 4 Magic “E”s, Experience, Explore, Express and Empower can lead us to understand our feelings and where they are coming from. Truly experiencing what we are feeling by saying, yelling, screaming them out loud in a private place we are able to experience them in order to find a way to explore where they are coming from. That ways we can better express them to empower us.  We are learning through the Gate of Dialog how to do this by committing to opening up a true dialog with ourselves and others.

Join us on Saturday, August 17th or Saturday September 7th at 10 am to find out how the Gates of Power can empower you to be an emotionally balanced and expressive person.