Real Men Do Yoga

I saw this shirt and it got me thinking… long ago there was a common misconception about yoga in a man’s eyes. The mere thought of stepping into a yoga class would mean a class full of women dressed in lululemon gear bending into human pretzels, while you’re struggling to touch your toes. Not anymore guys. Yoga has spread across the globe worldwide benefiting the sick, elderly, overweight and you. Yes you with the back pain, lack of energy and flexibility.
Yoga conforms to the person. Your teacher will work with you to find your yoga at your own pace. There are modifications for each pose and you are never meant to feel out of place. You start where you are and work with the body you have. An open mind and an intention to better your health is all you need to start.

Yes, yoga links the mind and body, a concept that sounds a little bogus until you actually do it. But just as important, yoga boosts energy and speeds up your body’s recovery. It can even help with back pain. Yoga works the entire body, providing a whole body workout that covers every muscle, joint, and organ. You work every system: cardiovascular, skeletal, muscular and endocrine!

Results take time. Yoga is about total body strength and seamlessly paring it with other passions. Golf, sex, travel, you name it.

Venturing into contortion territory is simple. Start by taking our Men’s Beginner’s class and work the poses learned into your daily life.

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