Self Discovery

Self discovery is the process of learning more about yourself and who you are. An example of self discovery is going to therapy or meditating to have time to consider and contemplate your strengths and weaknesses.” This definition was found on and is an example of how to create the meaningful life that you are meant to experience. It is a part of Self Mastery: the distance between upset and reset. Finding your center of balance.  Self Mastery is not about being perfect and it is not a judgment of someone else’ balance. it is about finding that place of peace within yourself, whatever that is. For some of us that peace has more quiet time for reading, contemplation, or creativity. For others it maybe more time with family and loved ones and being more active. Where ever your center is, that is where your self mastery is. The important thing is not to judge that against others. Find it in yourself. It starts with meditation. Meditation comes out of being completely in the moment, once you observe yourself in that moment and make judgement about it you are out of meditation. It is a practice and if during that practice we get a moment or two of complete clarity we have succeeded.

We can meditate in many ways. Most people think of meditation as being a seated practice, but one can also meditate standing, moving, or doing the mundane tasks with complete immersion in what you are doing. Yoga, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, are all examples of moving meditation, but you could also do silent walks where you are completely focused on what is around you without judgement or story.