Tai Chi and Qigong

Zen Wellness Qigong is the foundation of any practice, martial, medical, or spiritual and is built on energy and awareness. Qigong practice is the cultivation of energy and awareness. The Zen Wellness Qigong program is structured to take you through a step-by-step process that will insure a sound foundation using this ancient Chinese longevity practice to improve health and awareness through slow, controlled breath and movement. It can be referred to as Daoist Yoga or moving meditation.  All levels. Beginners welcome. Please bring or wear loose, comfortable clothes.


Tai Chi: This class is based on what many consider the original form of Taijiquan, developed in the early 17th century at the Chen village and known as the Chen style. This form is practiced with slow graceful movements with sudden bursts of energy release known as “Fajing”. In addition to learning a basic form, the class will include various warm up and meditative exercises centered around basic movements including a series called “silk reeling”. The class will be an introduction to what is hoped to be a lifetime of discovery of movement, balance, the body, mind and spirit of the practitioner. Wear loose, comfortable clothes. Previous practice in Tai Chi or Qigong is recommended.

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