Free Introduction to QiFit Qigong

Free Introduction series Fridays, February 23, March 2 & 9
9:00 – 9:45am

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Qi Fit  is a practice of breathing, alignment and movement. We learn to regulate the breath and the mind to introduce clarity and tranquility. Through moving and standing postures, we learn correct alignment to both relax the body, at the same time, making it more pliable and acceptable to movement. Through gentle movement, particularly the golden chi ball, we restore the spine, strengthen the core and correct alignment as well as improve balance.

Qi Fit is part of the Zen Wellness Qigong protocol which follows the cycles of nature. For example, in the winter nature’s energy is low and so is ours. We work on breath, bones and holding postures.  When was the last time you did hand exercises in a class? When was the last time, your hands moved as freely as you would have liked and tingely ( in a good way!)?