Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day! April Showers bring May Flowers, but someone forgot to turn off the faucet! Well, the flowers are coming up at least and they bring beautiful color to the gardens! Just in time for Mothers Day.
They say the hardest job on earth is the job of being a mother. Even when the job is “done” and the children leave they take a piece of the mother’s heart and soul, leaving them with a sense of uncertainty. “Did I do my job well enough?”, “Did I teach them everything they need to know?”, “Will they remember to brush their teeth?” … As a mother of two young men I know. Even though they are still under our roof they  will eventually leave to start a life of their own. Sometimes I start to panic. I hope I have at least given them the confidence that they can face their fears and enjoy their lives. And when they stumble they know that I am here and they can come to me for guidance and support.
If you are reading this you have a mother, some of you are also mothers, some of you will celebrate with your mother and/or be celebrated.
Some of you will be remembering your mothers and missing her deeply. As I spend another Mother’s Day a few hundred miles away from my mother, I am thankful every day that she is here and I can call her and visit her. I cherish the time I have with her every day even though we may not speak for a week or two at a time. Some of you are not so lucky. So remember her with compassion and love and remember the hardest job on earth is motherhood.
In Peace and Gratitude,